What Your Gym Selfie REALLY Means

by Millie Moore · August 18, 2017

    I remember when I decided I needed to deactivate Tinder.  It wasn't after I saw my cousin on there. It wasn't when I saw my high school English teacher. It wasn't because 95% of the conversations are the same thing over and over again, like, "Any slutty Halloween costumes?" "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" "Do you have a tongue piercing?" yada yada yada.

    It was when I saw my ex on Tinder. And honestly, it's totally fine that he's hooking up with other girls years later. In fact, it's why we ended it in the first place, along with the fact that he's a total sociopath and/or narcissist. It totally rubbed the wrong way because I saw that his picture was a shirtless gym selfie. I'm actually over him because he's the biggest loser on the planet, but it was a real, "Ew I had sex with THAT?!?!" moment. And then, I think back to what I was like when I was 19 and then I'm all, "Ew, he had sex with ME?!?!" But I digress. 

    But more importantly, today I learned that him being a sociopath and/or narcissist DOES go hand-in-hand with his shirtless gym selfies! Today I learned. Today. I. Learned. 

    But no seriously, science has now backed this shit up. Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex aka Jeff from season 1 of "What I Like About You" retweeted a legit article with a psychologist saying this! He is an absolute TREAT to follow on social media, by the dubs!

    Dr. Tara Marshall recently conducted a survey to analyze the mental state of those who post gym selfies on social media interfaces versus those who don't. The survey measured the "Big Five" personality traits of its participants, which are extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness. What she found is that those who are more insecure are more likely to post about their romantic partners, as if we needed more proof that Robbie "I love my curvy wife and blocked Millie on Twitter because I'm a little bitch!" Tripp is insecure. And those who post about their perfect diet, perfect bodies, perfect self discipline demonstrate signs of narcissism because they need validation and praise. 

    So it turns out Instagram fit chicks do have something in common with Donald Trump, who doesn't even believe in exercise. Two completely opposite sides of the spectrum share the same affliction. Huh. The more you know, right?

    [Photo via @kayla_itsines]