Your Drunk Pizza Binge Is Not Your Fault, Says Science

by Christie Grimm · January 12, 2017

    Everyone knows that perhaps one of the best, most enjoyable parts of a night out, sloshing around with your tipsy self, is the inevitable, almost blamelessly necessary 1 to 2 AM stop off for pizza, fries, burgers, street meat. You name it, and if it has an unrespectable amount of grease dripping off of it, you can bet your drunk ass is throwing it at your face.

    But it turns out, in true Good Will Hunting fashion, it's not your fault. Or at least that's what scientists are leaning towards in a recent study. Apparently, when you're under the influence of a couple martinis, certain neurons in your brain are activated which trigger your brain to crave food. 

    So stop feeling bad about yourself, sit back, and enjoy that slice, and the two after that. 

    It's totally natural. Because, science.

    [Photo via @onepiece]