Should You Just Become Your Own Health Coach?

by Christie Grimm · November 15, 2019

    These days, you're only worth as much as your wellness routine. Are you downing celery juice every morning on an empty stomach? Are you only drinking matcha and milk alternatives? Are you counting calories or fiber or following all the rules of food combining?

    It's a rough world out there, there's no question about it. Navigating health has never been more difficult. Sure, there are more resources than ever, but seeing past the bias and understanding the facts is complicated, and personally speaking, above our pay grade.

    You're already doing the research - trying to see if a plant based diet really will make you live forever, or how to get your body to ketosis, and what that even means - so why not just cut out the middle man (all of the Instagram bloggers and cultural food fads) and become your own authority? Honestly, why pay a health coach when you can just become one yourself?

    Founded back in 1992, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is the OG player of the health revolution. Providing students with an innovative, holistic online curriculum, they've grown into the largest nutrition school in the world. Those experts you follow on Instagram in the hopes that they give you the right life plan? They've pretty much all done IIN - from Daphne Oz and the Sakara Life girls to Melissa Wood Tepperberg and Miranda Kerr.

    Whether you're looking for a new side hustle ($$$$), or just trying to be your own most reliable professional opinion, IIN is the only school that explores more than 100 dietary theories, leaving no stone unturned. The one-year online program consists of 40 modules (released weekly) with students expected to spend about 5-10 hours per week on coursework. Which if you think of it realistically is only like 5-10 less Netflix shows for you to waste your time watching each week!

    [Photo via @melissawoodhealth]