The Benefits Of Acupuncture, Without The Needles?!

by Stephanie Maida · March 7, 2023

    There's no denying the benefits of acupuncture, the ancient Chinese technique that involves puncturing skin at strategic points on the body to relieve a laundry list of physical ailments. The holistic approach has been embraced by Western medical practitioners and at places like ORA in New York, the traditional treatment has been given a luxe upgrade for all your feel-good needs.

    The practice is pretty painless, but if the thought of tiny needles leaves you feeling squeamish, ORA is now offering the perfect prick-free alternative.

    This month, the modern wellness destination has introduced a new Acupressure Massage, combining the the principles of acupuncture with the techniques of Shiatsu and classic Swedish massage. As the name suggests, your therapist swaps out the "puncture" for "pressure," concentrating on touch physiology while still focusing on key points on the body.

    The result is a spa-like experience that leaves you relaxed and renewed, with therapeutic benefits spanning mental clarity, better sleep, alleviated muscle pain, and reduced stress and inflammation. 

    Plus like, who doesn't love a massage moment?!

    During a recent visit to the Noho outpost of the oasis, I was led into a dreamy nook that set the zen vibes, and settled in for the physical tune-up. As someone who has had many massages in the past, I can say it was not quite like anything I've experienced before. 

    Working her way from scalp to toe, my practitioner pressed and held pressure on my head, neck, chest, back, arms, and legs to release tension and stimulate healthy blood flow. After my recent return to SoulCycle following a pandemic hiatus, it was certainly a much-needed relief.

    My general exercise-induced soreness dissipated and, while I practically dosed off during the treatment, I left feeling more energized than I had going in. I even booked my next spin class on the way out!

    Consider yourself acu-curious? You can try the service now at both of ORA's NYC locations - book HERE!

    [Photo via Unsplash/courtesy ORA]