The Best Place To Find Your Inner Peace In NYC

by Christie Grimm · February 11, 2019

    Meditation and mindfulness and crystals and essential oils and all of that are everywhere these days. But still, finding what's right for you may take some time.

    Taking time to find stillness in your day can be difficult. But the same mantra of booking that 6AM SoulCycle class because you know you're too cheap to not show up and waste the money, can also be a perfect motivator for meditation. 

    So where should you go? Inscape is one of the most popular places in town, and for good reason. The Flatiron studio achieves the impossible - a bizarrely quite, shockingly calm haven in the middle of the loud, busy city. Let's just say, this place is so silent and peaceful, that me walking in, clacking around in my heeled boots on their hardwoods was truly aggressive, and many unsuspecting people are probably still shook to this day.

    Classes are all centered around intentions - everything from happiness and mindfulness to gratitude and calm. And unlike other centers, all sessions are audio guided, establishing a consistency in your practice that you can carry from class to class. 

    Book yourself a class, close your eyes, and ready yourself for a worthwhile inner journey.

    [Photo courtesy Inscape]