The It Girl Workout Getting Witchy For The New Moon

by Stephanie Maida · May 14, 2018

    If you are of a certain horoscope-reading, crystal-embracing, Gwyneth-idolizing disposition, chances are you know all about this week's new moon in Taurus. If you aren't, well, prepare to get #shook. This particular lunar transition is set to bring forth a celestial uproar, meaning you can kiss all that well-meditated stability goodbye. But since all new moons are chances for sometimes scary new beginnings, one It Girl favorite fitness class has launched a special series to get you prepped and centered (and toned, while you're at it).

    The Bari Studio, loved by models, editors, and celebs, has begun a monthly New Moon reset ritual class - and you can catch one today. It not only combines its signature cardio, dance, and sculpting methods to help you sweat out the old, it also boasts some super spiritual vibes to encourage positive intentions for the new lunar cycle. When we tried it ahead of the last new moon, we left feeling fit, energized, and zen. Plus it's way less boring than a yoga class.

    Book it HERE and keep an eye out every month before the new moon!

    [Photo via @thebaristudio]