The Key To Fighting Stress Is... Mushrooms (& No, Not Even *That* Kind)

by Christie Grimm · March 26, 2019

    Living in New York is a stress in itself. After all, there's nothing quite like being woken up by the sound of street construction, rushing to the subway to just miss a train on your way to a job that barely pays for your rent. And that's just the morning!

    Our go-to answer for clean, all natural, all organic supplements that rely on simplicity and science, Well Told Health has just launched their newest adaptogen - and it is a game changer. Stress Fighter is for those who are working the grind, experiencing fatigue and need an immune boost. 

    So what's in it that's so magical? Organic Reishi, Organic Lion's Mane, and Organic Maitake - all mushrooms with scientifically proven effects such as stress reduction, immune boosting, and improved memory. Packed in vegan capsules, the pills have zero synthetics, fillers, isolates, soy or gluten. So really, what's the harm in trying some mushroom dust to help chill your day?