The New SoulCycle Classes Are... Bike Free?!

by Raya O'Neal · October 17, 2017

    The SoulCycle cult seems to be expanding - but not in the way you think. Introducing SoulAnnex, a new mind-body workout that gets #fitchicks off their bikes and onto the floor. Spin shoes not required.

    Soul's goal is to change the way you move, from tap backs and plank holds to out of the saddle sprints and a round of burpees. SoulCycle is well known for their amazing instructors, and they'll be there to teach these expanded classes. If you aren't too fond of spinning, you'll love this new alternative. Each SoulAnnex class is arranged into three modalities, Move, Define, and Align. For the cardio infused junkies, the Move classes incorporate a lot of MMA fighting techniques and high-energy movement. Define focuses on transforming your mind and body with resistance training and emulated pilates exercises. For all you yogis, Align is a metaphorical restoring of the body via yoga-flow movements from breathing, to mantras, to meditation. 

    SoulAnnex sounds like a great substitute for the 45 minute bike party, as well as a challenging class to add on to your two-a-day workout schedule. If you haven't joined the movement yet, this is probably the time.

    SoulAnnex, 32 W 18th St

    [Photo via @adrianna_dinno]