The Spring Break Fitness Retreat You Can't Miss

by Christie Grimm · March 1, 2017

    While most of your friends may be benching mai tais, table dancing, eating themselves silly at whatever all inclusive resort seemed the best deal, why not reset from the stressful season, and get on track for shedding those winter layers?

    Heather Andersen, owner of New York Pilates, and all around ideal human being, is taking her cult-followed studio on the road for her very first retreat - Ocean, Sun, Pilates. The destination of choice? Tulum. That tiny little off-the-grid Mexican town you've probably never heard of. Unless you have ears. That work.

    From April 4th to 10th, your days will be filled with sunny sessions of everything from pilates and yoga to meditation and massages.

    Hey - there are worse ways to kill a few days than finding your core on the beach, no?

    Go HERE for more info.