This Luxe Acupuncture Destination Is Reinventing The Ancient Practice

by Taylor Boozan · March 9, 2020

    Harvard grad Kimberly Ross founded ORA to provide a luxuriously modern healing experience centered around the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. Kimberly, who credits acupuncture for relieving a number of her own health concerns, says that her mission is to simply help people who just want to feel better.

    This new wellness outpost in Noho offers a customizable menu of treatments led by licensed acupuncturist Gabriel Sher to target everything from pain and sexual issues to digestion, immunity, and even mental and emotional health. ORA also offers express treatments for New Yorkers on the go who need a quick session to relieve some stress.

    While getting pricked and prodded by tiny needles may not seem like the most inviting experience, you definitely won’t feel anxious in this space. ORA is elegantly designed in hues of blue with a multisensory approach, and feels like a destination where you can truly detox and unwind (a difficult feat for New Yorkers). You can post-up at their bar with an herbal tea or tonic while you wait for your session or simply hang out and relax.

    The booking process is millennial-friendly and you can select between regular treatments, bundle packs or memberships HERE. If you're a first timer, go for the intro session.

    Acupuncture may not treat Coronavirus, but it might help you stop freaking out about it.

    [Photo via ORA]