This New SoulCycle Class Is All About The Fun

by Raya O'Neal · January 15, 2018

    Just when you thought SoulCycle was done being a national fitness obsession, they've kicked off 2018 with a new class designed to make you a better rider (I'm talking a front row rider). Everyone knows the choreography is an essential part of every class but let's face it, sometimes you suck at tapping it back on beat and can't ride double time out of the saddle. 

    The new SoulFundamentals is designed to improve your form on the bike and perfect your moves. The class is 75 minutes (75 minutes of fun of course) and it isn't just for newbies! Soul is encouraging advanced riders to join as it will maximize your workout so you can reach "Soulvana." This class is the perfect place to bring your friend who has been too afraid to try the cult favorite fitness craze because they claim they don't workout... yet had a resolution to be more active this year. Trust us, they'll thank you later.

    SoulFundamentals start this Saturday in Chelsea, sign up now!

    [Photo via @nicolemehta]