Two Reasons To Get Even Drunker Than Usual This Friday

by BILLY GRAY · January 22, 2010

    As we approach quitting time for the week, two pieces of foamy good news have come to our attention: a six pack will soon be cheaper than soda in NYC and Burger King is about to start selling beer with its Whoppers!


    Thanks to Headmistresses Patterson and Bloomberg, fatties across the city will soon be subjected to a penny-an-ounce sin tax on soda purchases. Intrepid CityRoom bloggers dived into the trenches for some embedded journalism at an Upper West Side supermarket. They found that the coke surcharge would bump the price of a cola six pack to $5.31 from $4.59. The store sells a sixer of Old Milwaukee, Cream City's finest microbrew, for just $5.29.

    Tipping the cheapskate scales at $7.99 is a new Burger King combo complete with a cold one (just $2 more than the same heart attack costs when paired with soda). Suds will be limited to Anheuser-Busch and Coors products. The Whopper Bar concept will touch down on Miami Beach next month, with the company hoping to bring it to Times Square soon. It's an ambitious move on the part of BK, kind of a consolidation of Vince Vega's paean to European mores (beer in movie theaters, burgers with classy, exotic names like "Le Royale with cheese") in Pulp Fiction.

    And all of this just in time for New York fans to drown their sorrows or toast a victory depending on the fate of a certain local sports team this weekend. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.

    (Main Photo Courtesy of Ebaum's World)