Sweat Out 2020 At This Plush New Outdoor Spa At The William Vale

by Una O'Brien-Taubman · December 24, 2020

    After having survived 2020 (well almost) I think it's safe to presume that we are all in desperate need of a spa day. Although distant spa getaways may not be an option, who says we have to leave the city to find a much needed escape? In partnership with TerraGlamping and holistic wellness brand Shape House, The William Vale is bringing back their Winter Spa so we don't have to! 

    Let go of stress from the holiday season - ok, let's be honest, from the whole year - as you enter the Hudson Valley inspired vibes. Decked out with rustic accents, greenery, and warm lighting, these cozy tents have been transformed into the ultimate relaxation sanctuary.  

    Could it get any cozier? Yes, yes it can. The spa may be located on an outdoor terrace (cold therapy anyone?), but just wrap yourself up in one of the sauna blankets that utilize FAR infrared technology by Shape House and feel the heat you've been crazing since that first outdoor dining adventure this season. Plus, the FAR infrared technology provides a deep, penetrating heat that warms the body inside out for a cleansing sweat with benefits including improved sleep, reduced stress, strengthened immune health, and glowing skin. Um, and we thought regular weighted blankets were good.

    Book a Sweat Session to unwind while watching your new binge-worthy show or listening to your soothing playlist to feel totally relaxed. Consider it a 2021 reset. 

    [Photos courtesy The William Vale]