Your Boyfriend No Longer Has An Excuse To Skip Yoga

by Stephanie Maida · July 15, 2019

    You know there's no better way to spend a Sunday morning posing, stretching, and sweating (out your hangover) at your favorite yoga studio. Your boyfriend, however, may disagree. Although it's long been universally-declared that guys who do yoga are hot (and flexible!), some men will come up with any excuse to skip Downward Dog in favor of watching the game with his "dawgs" (sorry, couldn't not). But now you can strike down at least one of his go-to excuses: I don't have anything to wear.

    We mean, he does have a point. His raggy basketball shorts from college won't exactly provide enough coverage for some of the more pretzel-minded moves in a flow, and good luck trying to get even the most health-conscious guy into a pair of Lululemon leggings. 

    Finally, there's Coroa. The answer to uncomfortable and uncool yoga clothes for men, the high-end fitness line is specifically designed for the stylish guy in your life, whether he's already an ardent yogi or whether you're trying to make him one.

    A departure from the too-crunchy yogawear mostly available to men, Coroa's sleek pieces, from muscle shirts to shorts, combine fashion, function, and the confidence to finally take a place beside you on the mat.

    Founded and produced in Los Angeles (naturally), Coroa is the brainchild of passionate yogi Santiago Pazos, who came up with the idea for a luxury line of men's yoga clothes when he saw a major hole in the market, shopping for himself. "When I started researching and looking for options for yoga practice in combination with garments stylish enough to be worn out and about or having a beer with friends after class, I was quite surprised to see how limited the market was. Indeed, there are some brands out there, but really none of them resonated with my fashionable inner self, and that’s when the idea arose."

    The L.A.-based designer applied geometric lines and patterns to the debut collection, which are inspired both by the cultural expressions of Galicia, Pazos' home state in Spain, and the idea that's at the heart of practice: paths of energy flow through the body. 

    The result? An activewear collection for cool guys and the perfect gift for your yoga-newbie boo.

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    [Photos by Lauren Lemon]