April Fools! High Tech Items For The Perfect Prank

by Christina Makoyawo · March 31, 2011

    April Fool's Day is tomorrow and prank-aficionados are sharpening up their skills. Some of the traditional funny and mean-spirited pranks are  overused and should be retired. It's time to bust out of the traditional and go high tech.  We've put together some gadget ideas to help get your April Fool's Day victim's hearts racing.

    The Blank Keyboard

    We're so programmed to think that our letters would be right where we left them. But this is wrong. Even though this would be a quick prank, some minds aren't so sharp. This keyboard might leave some unlucky fellow scratching his head for a couple minutes or at least long enough to catch on camera. Or you could "Chia" their keyboard.

    Point and Shoot Replica

    This cheap point & shoot replica has a very real look and zaps anyone who pushes the button. It will be easy to deceive someone too wrapped up in the excitement of capturing a moment to notice the subtle difference between this and a real camera. The electric shock is not for the faint of heart. The company that makes the product doesn't recommend it for children under 14 years old, adults over 50 years old, or anyone with a medical condition. So be careful.

    Dude I borrowed your car and someone got too close!

    Took a friend's car for joyride around the city? Plant these ugly rusted-stickers on their car to scare them into pondering the conditions of their insurance. This is sure to give your prankee hypertension depending on how much he/she adores their car. Its great because the stickers can be used for shock and security. Parking in a shifty area, these stickers can be a useful anti-theft tool.

    Mechanically Offensive.

    Stick this remote control middle finger on your prankees desk and then get them when the boss walks by. Effective even in an enclosed area, the remote has a range of up to 50 feet.

    Flying Roaches

    This creepy-crawler of a device is one of the most gross-looking fake pest ever.  These annoying little mechanical creatures are sure to set anyone's anxiety ablaze. They are operated by remote and after 30 minutes of charging up it, can fly around for about 5 minutes. Imagine setting a couple of these lose on the train.

    Gaydar, Dickdar and Virgin detector!

    These innocent-looking Virgin-detector, Dickdar and Gaydar key-chains are hilarious and will supply a couple moments of embarrassment and humor. The adult novelty items yell out some risky phrases. For example, the Dickdar alerts everyone that you're "Hung like a field mouse!" Listen to some of the keychains' phrases here.

    Toilet Paper Puzzle

    This is definitely going to piss people off.  They're perfect for the annoying person who uses your bathroom unauthorized and someone who leaps before they look. There's a 50-50 chance of your prankee laughing loudly from the "business-room" realizing that they've been caught. Or they'll solve the puzzle and smack you with it.