Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: 5 Things To Help You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

by Christina Makoyawo · May 3, 2011

    It seems as if 2011 is just flying by. May is already here and what do you know it, here comes one of the best holidays ever. Cinco de Mayo. Here are 5 fun things to help you celebrate!

    Historically, Cinco de Mayo was to commemorate Mexico's victory over the French on May 5, 1862. In recent years though it seems like Cinco de Mayo has crossed over to the list of adopted American holidays. We all celebrate the goodness that is Cinco de Mayo.

    1. Beer bottle goblets. Just when you want to further confuse and/or amaze your inebriated amigos pass the rounds to them in these unconventional goblets. [Trendhunter]

    2. Color-changing margherita glasses. Another device to amaze your friends and potentially enhance their Cinco de Mayo experience, they'll get a little strobe light experience with each sip. [Coolest-Gadgets]

    3. Out of the ordinary shot glasses. Hey look, you can crush the ice after downing that hot shot of Cuervo. [Trendhunter]

    Or you can take a shot in the dark! Glow in the dark shot glasses for the holiday or weekly Thirsty Thursday the dark. [SuckUK]

    4. Cinco De Mayo iPhone and iTouch apps. If you're stuck in the office on Thursday and crave a feel of Cinco de Mayo there's iPinata, a 3-D pinata app available for smacking for only $. 99. [iTunes]

    Too soon to the holiday and Rosetta Stone too expensive, well there's Too Cool Spanish for that! The app teaches you to say common words or expressions in Spanish. [iTunes]

    5. Cinco de Mayo Recipes. Access this motherload of Cinco de Mayo recipes from the comfort of your iPhone. From delicious margarita recipes to awesome guacomole, its there! Adobe Grill's Cinco de Mayo Cookbook. [iTunes]

    For a more extensive array of authentic Mexican dishes there's the Mexican Cuisine app. You're even able to email recipes to friends and share them on facebook. [iTunes]