Green Mother's Day Gift Ideas

by SARAH JAFFE · April 27, 2011

    With Mother's Day approaching the quest for a meaningful gift begins! Lets not have the usual last minute frenzy this time around. GofG has put together a list of some great eco friendly and affordable gift ideas to better help make any mother feel appreciated.

    Bring back a classic 1920's invention!

    Most women, especially in a city like New York with a huge lack of space, can benefit from a purse hook. Say goodbye to a dirty purse and save your mom the need for a new purse. Of course the new glamorous hooks are well equipt with pretty gems and polished mirrors, but there are many charming vintage hooks with the same specs that need some reusing. Stay green.

    Hooks range from about $10-$60. Check out Etsy for some used purse hooks.

    For the professional Mom

    A reusable coffee sleeve should do the trick for her daily coffee run. These sleeves come in suede and faux fur in different colors, patterns and sizes for an average sized mug or baby bottles.

    You can customize one online at SnuggStuff for $8-$15.

    Save every last drop!

    This gift idea may seem a bit bland at first, but if your mom is a painter or just likes to get the most out of her products she will probably appreciate it. A tube wringer helps to get 35% more out of supplies and saves time and money. Buy one now for $21.95 at Uncommongoods.

    [Image via Uncommongoods]

    Take a seat and relax

    For those of you with craft loving moms, look into these coat hangers created from recycled wooden chair backs. The colors and textures provide for a sturdy and colorful closet! Go HERE for the full list of hangers listed at $49 each.

    [Images via ecoartware]

    For all those times your mom patched up your clothes

    If something a little cozier is on your mind check out Scrappy Scarves.

    These handmade scarves are made in Canada from a variety of discarded sweaters. These scarves come in two different general colorways, fall and traditional for $30 each.

    [Image via greatrecycledgifts]

    Give back to Mother Earth

    [Image via arborday]

    Lastly, there is no better way to give green than to give her a living plant from a local business or plant a gift tree for a $10 minimum in her name from various organizations such as Tree Givers or National Arbor Day Foundation.