Four Bizarro Unexpected Things Just In Time For Ground Hog Day

by M.J. Koury · February 1, 2011

    With Ground Hog Day around the corner (read; tomorrow), have you noticed logic may have turned on its head? We found four crazy examples today.

    1. Dept. Of Reverse Psychology

    Ricky Gervais is getting mixed messages from the organizers of the Golden Globes. It's hard to stay mad when ratings are good.

    "Despite assurances from HFPA members in the immediate aftermath of Gervais's excoriating performance that he would never host again...Gervais has told Heat Magazine that he's been asked to host the Globes for a third year in a row."



    2. Department Of Call-Back: Williamsburg Hipsters, Beware

    Something lacking in harsh British humor and bound to get only good reviews is Ladytron's career retrospective (to be released by Nettwork), collecting the best fuzzy electro songs since their 1998 formation.

    The collection's sales will be at their highest in Williamsburg, and if only the breezy cool of Ladytron's pop sound could aid this situation: a Brooklyn cab sponatenously combusted on Roebling and Grand last week. It happened in the Upper East Side a few weeks earlier. Can someone explain why?

    3. Bed Bugs Proliferate Beyond Brooklyn

    A classic feature of Brooklyn-dwelling has now been named a "national epidemic." Today the Federal Bedbug Workgroup is meeting up for a national summit to figure out what to do about the tiny terrors. Let's pray that they find a solution.




    4. Department of Felines and Flagellation

    There is good news. To get your healthy dose of weekly weirdness, John Waters is going to be at The Film Anthology Archives this Friday presenting Ann-Margaret's bizarro flick Kitten With a Whip.

    [Images via: Think Religion, LastFM, Vintage Culture, UF]