In a quiet corner of the Carlyle Hotel, tucked behind grand swaths of dramatic pink and red drapes tied with giant tassels, you'll find Rebecca Gardner's latest triumph - the Houses And Parties Holiday Pop-Up!

Ever the Sugar Plum Fairy, Rebecca's transformed the petite boutique into a jewelry box of merry magic. 

Faux popcorn and cranberry garlands, candy cane candles, festive party hats, marbled Christmas crackers, a mess of silver and glass pieces that will have you happily draining your bank account, and more!

The dreamy boutique is open through December 12th, and you know all the Upper East Side fancy ladies are bound to pick this place dry - so run, don't walk!

Curious what brilliant scene awaits? 

Click through for an inside look at the rosy-hued holiday shopping destination!

[Photos by Raul Tovar]