How Will Anyone Wear New Year's Eve Novelty Glasses Next Decade?

by BILLY GRAY · December 10, 2009

    Nick DentonIt was fun while it lasted, folks. Katie Baker delivers the alarming news that those zany New Year's Eve glasses every drunken celebrator from Tribeca to Fresno slapped on as the clock neared midnight will no longer work as we emerge from the long, dark '00s. Somehow, it seems like the glasses will be able to eke out some compromised popularity as we bid the clunker that was 2009 adieu in a few weeks. Just look at how effortlessly new media kingpin Nick Denton pulls the look off in the above image  (which somebody, for some reason, took the time to imagine). But still, as further evidence suggests, the magic is mostly gone.

    As we mourn the passing of one novelty item, we can keep out spirits up with thoughts of unfortunate New Year's accessories that will never go out of style: streamers, noisemakers, vandalized apartments and, of course, hangovers so debilitating they last straight through Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.