What's holiday magic without a stylish spin? Every year, the highly-anticipated windows at Bergdorf Goodman inspire and delight, depicting fashionable, festive scenes with all the sparkle of the season. This year's theme is all about couture and candy. Entitled "Bergdorf Goodies," the windows are filled with luscious treats, sugary confections, and, of course, some over-the-top designer looks.

David Hoey, Senior Director of Visual Presentation says "This year our artistic team became faux-pastry chefs, dishing up a wall-to-wall profusion of sculpted confections. Everything candied, iced and lavish."

If (more like when) all those gilded sweets make you hungry, you can pop into the store for exclusive desserts from Ladurée and Flour Shop, which will be open as a pop-up on the fifth floor. For now, however, just feast your eyes on these must-Instagram holiday windows!

[Photo by Tiffany Sage/BFA.com]