Where To Get Fat On Fat Tuesday In NYC:

by Rachelle Hruska · February 24, 2009

    In case you missed it, today is Fat Tuesday! (Also knows as Pancake or Shrove Day).  So, whether you're munching on Mac 'n Cheese with Graydon Carter, Eating Eclairs with Chuck Bass, or Chowing on Chicken that's been fried by Blue Ribbon's specialists with me, we hope you stuff yourself up! Because Fat Tuesday only happens ONCE a year, and that is cause for celebration!  In case you need some motivation, here are the top parties (all you can eat/drink specials) going on tonight in NYC.  Or, you could just hit up your local Olive Garden/TGIF's buffet.

    The Murph Guide List of Mardi Gras Parties: [Murph Guide]

    Metromix's Guide to Mardi Gras [Metromix]

    When.com's list [When]

    "PHAT" Tuesday at DORRIANS The weekly Karaoke party is going to let you "break out your beads and needs" with drink specials all night.

    More parties below... Southern Hospitality FAT Tuesday Party $0-$45 All you can eat/drink specials

    The Village Pourhouse $15 Open Bar in the East Village, from 5-8pm

    Acme Bar and Grill Mardi Gras 9 Great Jones

    Mara's Homeade Fat Tuesday Celebration 342 East 6th

    Mardi Gras at Ditch Plains 29 Bedford St.

    From Bottomless Dish: Yes, it is Super Tuesday here in New York. But more importantly, it's also Fat Tuesday. And just because trans-fats are officially outlawed doesn't mean you still can't enjoy a lard-o-licious meal in this town. Here are ten picks for an appropriately blubbery binge.

    The "Big Pig Gig" at Daisy May's

    Lardo Pizza at Otto

    Goose fat potatoes at Strip House

    Mashed potatoes with greeven and schmaltz at Sammy's Roumanian

    Bacon bread at Allen & Delancey

    Deep fried mac n' cheese at Atlantic Chip Shop

    Ditch dogs (two hot dogs topped with mac n' cheese) at Ditch Plains

    Foie gras PB & J at davidburke & donatella

    The "Bar Flight" 5-course tempura tasting menu at BarFry

    Cheese fondue with kielbasa at Artisanal

    From Digital City:

    You can find a pretty fun pub crawl with the 2nd Avenue Mardi Gras Stroll. Or check out restaurants who will be partying their Cajun socks off include the Delta Grill, Live Bait, Odea Bar & Lounge and Sazerac House on Hudson Street, among many others. Grab a seat at the bar, sip a Hurricane and get yourself some beads.

    Several other parties will be taking place around the city, including Le Poisson Rouge where Nolafunks Third Anniversary Mardi Gras Ball will feature Big Sam's Funky Nation on Saturday, February 21 at 8:00 pm. Brother Joscephus & The Love Revival Revol will play the Nolita Mardi Gras party on the same day starting at 9:00 pm. Southern Hospitality on Second Ave will party the night away on Fat Tuesday, February 24 while the Upper East Side bar The Big Easy will certainly be partying that night as well. Bourbon Street in the Upper West Side is having a Fat Tuesday blowout starting at Noon.