Divorce Selfies Are Trending Now

by Stephanie Maida · November 30, 2017

    These days, we document all of our milestones on social media. Our first rescue dog, our first matcha latte, our first marriage.

    So why should our first divorce be any different?!

    We mean, a girl should have at least one before she gets anywhere in life. Just ask Meghan Markle.

    Now before you start wallowing in the realization that love and marriage are total farces, consider the #divorceselfie taking over social media. Couples - well, former couples - are actually snapping shots together after dissolving their unions and it's not as depressing as you may think. On the contrary, these optimistic souls are proving that their breakup was amicable and that they have remained "friends." Whatever that means. Personally, I like to think all of my exes died the moment I unfollowed them on Instagram.

    So yeah, it's all kind of sweet. But we would love to see a new trend: the #prenupselfie. Chances are only one person will be smiling in those...

    [Photo via Getty]