Don't Know What To Cook Tonight? Hit Up Chefanie On Instagram!

by Christie Grimm · March 23, 2020

    There is no more generous a person we can think of than Stephanie Nass. These days when the chef / designer better known as Chefanie isn't baking cookies for those in need, she's attending to her own little meal plan hotline, offering up her culinary cleverness to help you make the most delicious meal out of, well, whatever it is you already have at home in your fridge and pantry! #quarantinecooking

    Considering quarantine isn't a snow day, and you shouldn't feel free to slowly browse the aisles of Whole Foods, searching for specific ingredients for some intricate recipe you found online (and let's face it, in reality, that store is real slim pickings right about now anyway), Stephanie is just an Instagram DM away from helping you make the best situation out of what you've got on hand. No going out necessary! 

    "I believe a delicious meal can bring joy, peace, distraction and renewed faith."

    Shoot her some shots of what you're working with for your own custom gourmet meal plan! Bon appetit!

    [Photos via @chefanienass]