Fake Rich Kids Are Renting Private Jets Just For Instagram Photo Shoots

by Stephanie Maida · October 30, 2017

    It turns out all those Rich Kids of Russia may be poorer than their Instagram accounts would lead you to believe. 

    Thanks to a new service called Private Jet Studio based in Moscow, 'grammers can quite literally stage their jet-set lifestyles aboard a luxury aircraft that's priced at $65 million. A day's worth of Instas however, will only run you around $240 - and that's including a professional photographer.

    The Gulfstream G650, which the company claims to be the "biggest, fastest and most expensive business aviation aircraft," never leaves the ground, so shots of popping bottles and posing with bubbly will never be ruined by turbulence. And while a couple of hundred seems like a lot when it comes to a simple social media moment, we all know that you can't put a price on likes.


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