Ivanka Trump, Patron Saint Of Photo Ops, Has Returned To Instagram

by Stephanie Maida · January 18, 2022

    Ivanka Trump giving out free boxes of food? Has the former republican First Daughter hopped on the socialism wave?

    No, of course not. She just knows a good photo op when she sees one.

    After taking an eight-month break from posting, Ivanka returned to Instagram this week to show off some charity work she took part in with billionaire Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya.

    Blaming inflation for increased food insecurity (and not, like, the global pandemic her father blundered the handling of during his last year in office), Ivanka told the New York Post that she and Hamdi partnered on the food drive initiative after having lunch before the holidays. 

    "The need is very real and certainly no one program is going to fulfill it but every little bit we can do helps and Hamdi and I were both really happy to give back a little bit during the holidays," she said.

    Never one to miss an opportunity to publicize her good deeds, Ivanka shared snaps from her (maskless) day of volunteering in upstate New York, writing, "Thank you to our many incredible partners and volunteers who helped feed tens of thousands American families across Idaho and NY, with fresh, nutritious, locally-sourced produce and dairy this holiday season."

    Don't worry, she was also sure to include that the venture was "100% privately funded" in case anyone was afraid that she was turning into a Bernie bro.

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