William Damm

william-dammWhen you're a #richkidofinstagram you don't just reserve one seat for yourself. Nope! The only appropriate way to travel is next to a seat reserved for your Louis Vuitton bags. William Damm is one of the most extravagant people on Insta and also the brother of actress Katharina Damm (you might've recognized her in The Giver). You probably won't spot him in anything other than the most high-end brands: Rick Owens, Balmain Paris, Prada, Louboutin, or just about anything Kanye has ever designed. He is the son of the SOS Black Snow ski apparel brand owners, which explains why he is able to stunt as hard as he does. When his parents own such a successful business, you can only expect him to be interested in fashion as well. William took a stake in SOS Black Snow and designs for their SOS Sportswear. He is now on his way to expressing his own vision in the fashion world. [Photo via @williamdamm]
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