The Internet Is SO Mad At This Luxe First-Class Instagram Post

by Stephanie Maida · September 20, 2018

    As anyone who's ever opened up their Instagram feed could tell you, influencers will do just about anything for the perfect shot. From posing precariously on high-up ledges to waking up at dawn for some ideal natural lighting, bloggers do a lot behind the scenes to capture a magical moment - or at least make it look like one.

    When it comes to doing the most, however, no one beats travel 'grammer Harimao Lee, whose business class snap at 30,000 feet has recently gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

    Posted back in August, the photo seems to be a post sponsored by Cathay Pacific, depicting the influencer traveling from Hong Kong to Rome. It's certainly not the first time a glamorous plane pic has appeared on social media (fake rich kids even rent out private jets JUST to take photos), so why are people suddenly sharing it with outrage?!

    No, it's not the glass of bubbly, or even all the extra leg room. Turns out people just really, really hate fairy lights - at least when they're up in the air. We mean, packing props is nothing new for professional posers, but this carry-on essential isn't exactly realistic.

    Apparently, she's also sitting in the seat backwards.

    Nevertheless, we really don't get the big deal. Instagram is full of totally contrived lives - we'd argue that photoshopped bodies claiming to be "au naturel" are more worthy of criticism. With over 15,000 'likes' on Lee's pic, it seems plenty of her followers agree.

    [Photo via @harimaolee]