Rivington Design House's Brion Isaacs On Going From Drummer To Creative Director & Confronting Angry Anti-Art Mobs

For anyone who has spent time in the downtown creative circle, there's a good chance you're already familiar with Rivington Design House. The innovative team has had its hands in branding for dozens of companies, from Rachel Zoe to The Surf Lodge, slowly becoming one of the best boutique design firms in NYC. To boot, the office space on Kenmare Street doubles as a gallery where artists and designers have exhibited unique works for both visitors and passersby to experience. Behind Rivington Design House is Brion Isaacs, an artist-turned-musician-turned-entrepreneur.

"My motto in life is fun. When I was 20, I was like if you just want to have fun, be fun, and that will work really well with dating a girl. And it worked really well." His positive and easygoing attitude has shown him immense success, as he's now capping off one of the best years Rivington Design House has ever had. We talked to Isaacs about his flourishing company, the art scene in New York, and the mob that stormed through his office during his most controversial exhibit.