Hipsters Have To Pee... Dot Com

by CHLOE POST · June 21, 2010

    Hipstershavetopee.com, our new favorite website, takes an investigative approach into the lives of those dolled up girls who spend hours perfecting their pout and contorting their limbs to fit the edgiest camera angle.


    These so-called "Hipsters" are often spotted wearing head-to-toe vintage. They communicate through their blogs, where they most commonly have some border-line professional photographer take pictures of them awkwardly posing. This shameless self-advertisement is their way of life. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of their lifestyle is the unspoken competition as to who can look the most fashion forward while on the verge of pissing themselves.

    Let's Take A Deeper Look:

    The classic cross-legged maneuver. Girl, I know you tried to distract your embarrassing problem with all those polka-dots, but please beat the addiction and find your way to a toilet.

    Kissy-faces won't make your problems go away.

    This hipster attempts to ease the urge by stretching her bladder.

    Fabulous in Fur, Fighting the Urge.

    Boys have even started to take to the trend.

    Clearly, this need to hold it in is starting to cause psychological problems and persistent pouting.

    So what does this mean? Could over-active bladder pills become the new street drug? For the future of our children, let's hope not.

    It seems that these hipsters will continue to follow this bizarre trend until they run out of uncomfortable poses. Until then, all we can do is follow their tragic lifestyle on hipstershavetopee.com