Lohan is Ugly

by guestofaguest · November 9, 2007


    Last month, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera made a guest apperance on MTV's Total Request Live.  While there, she shared her thoughts on the her contemporaries saying what we've all been thinking: that Hollywood’s out-of-control young things should stop partying and “get a job."   “I can’t get into trouble because I’m working all the time,” she told Damien Fahey. “I’m too busy working and focusing on what I’m doing to be out partying.” 

    This is why, we think it's highly ironic when we read in the Observer that Lindsay Lohan is in "serious talks" to take on a 3-episode role on the show.  She would play a fallen beauty queen who takes a gig as the assistant manager of the fast food chain where Betty’s dad toils.  Sounds about right to us.  We hope the strikes won't have any effect on making this happen as we are hoping that Lohan will pick up some real life work-ethics lessons on set...at the very least, hopefully she'll observe a thing or two from Ms. Ferrera, an ACTUAL EMMY WINNER.