A New York Film Fest With New York's NewFest

by SAPPY WANDERER · May 22, 2008

     We all know that the summer’s packed with new film festivals coming out. Even so, I was still surprised to walk into a theater and find a decent-sized line for another event coming around in a few weeks.

    This is NewFest’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual (LGBT) film festival. For a week and a half of early June, they will premiere films as diverse as their acronym, ranging from drama to documentary to comedy. Obviously, you do not need to apply to the above to enjoy them, and chances are you might even see me there (and if I’m keeping up with the tradition of my name, then you won’t even know it).

    Signup’s at the 34th St AMC Loews, a block away from Penn Station, but nonmembers don’t get to buy tickets until next week. Ah well.