Though you may be enticed by the in-house sommelier, chic commissary, and candy shop, Metrograph is not for the uninitiated. You should only go if you appreciate the following: "On all screens, Metrograph projects archive-quality, 35mm changeover, exclusively on Kinoton FP-30D, alongside DCP and all-format video." If you do not understand the previous sentence you will probably not be interested in their Truffaut series or their spotlight on Gérard Blain. A deep and long-standing appreciation for French New Wave is a must. Metrograph is not even pretentious, it just takes film very seriously. The website notes that the theater seats are made from wood salvaged from the old Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn. It bleeds authenticity.

Metrograph, 7 Ludlow St.

[Photo via @thelovage]

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