Boisterous Bruno Premier Dazzles Animated Audience

by MICHELLE MCKELVEY · July 9, 2009

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    Sacha Baron Cohen substantially shocked anxious audiences last night during the boisterous Bruno (a satire about an extremely flamboyant gay fashion victim) sneak preview at the Regal Union Square Cinema hosted by CollegeHumor. Love it or hate it, (Rachelle was apparently so disturbed she almost walked out), this movie is sure to get people talking...  Hot pink table cloths, frolicking-feathered boas, precious posters and jet black handcuffs adorned the entrance of the venue. While the movie dabbles in tackling terriorists, notorious nudity, and outrageous outakes, positive responses were abundant as the cinema crowd left the monstrous movie. Raging rumors believe Bruno is actually MORE offensive and risque than Borat...leave it to Sacha to totally push the envelope.

    Guests were forced to ditch their electronics on entering.