Crazy About Tiffany's: The New Holly Golightly-Approved Documentary You NEED To See

by Stephanie Maida · February 19, 2016

    Got a case of the mean reds? This new fashion documentary is sure to perk you up, Tiffany's style. Buzzed about by the style set for weeks, Crazy About Tiffany's opens today and Holly Golightly fans everywhere are getting their LBDs ready.

    Directed by Matthew Miele and featuring commentary by everyone from Katie Couric and Rachel Zoe to Jessica Biel and Todd Pipes (the dude from Deep Blue Something who sang that iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's song you somehow know all the words to), the film dives into the legendary jeweler, from past to present, exploring its timeless elegance, iconic blue box, and everything in between. Catch the trailer below and go HERE for more info on where to watch!

    [Photo via Breakfast at Tiffany's]