"High" Brow Entertaining For The Holiday

by CARSON GRIFFITH · April 20, 2009

    Whether you've been looking forward to this day for months or like me you didn't remember it was National ganja day until the smell of it smacked you in the face when you walked into your hall this morning, we thought we'd give you another option of how to celebrate 4/20 if you aren't into public parties and pot pageants. Here's a list of the Top 10 Movies that celebrate the art of toking, the beauty of bongs, and just about everything in between in regards to Mary Jane. So when it comes to the Holiday of the Herb, even if you aren't an active participant, feel free to celebrate anyway, with one of these classic films.

    10. The Big Lebowski Stoner one-liners you'll be repeating all night (unfortunately), and more importantly The Dude.

    9. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle Be prepared with your snacks ahead of time.

    8. Dazed And Confused The poster says it all: "A time they'd never forget (If only they could remember)." And we all know Matthew McConaughey's got the real life experience here.

    7. Half Baked What's a 4/20 flick without Snoop Dog? Throw-in appearances by Jon Stewart and about five others with Dave Chapelle starring.

    6. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Lazy stoners, yes. Slacker stoners, no. For those of you who were ever told potheads amount to nothing in life, Jay and Silent Bob are here to proof you wrong.

    5. Dude Where's My Car Say it with us: "...And then?"

    4. How High Method Man + ghosts + Harvard = very likely if you've smoked enough.

    3. Home Grown A bunch of hick marijuana farmers, Billy Bob Thornton fits right in.

    2. Super High Me Remember Super Size Me? A guy gets fat from eating too much McDonald's? Super High Me: A guy gets high from smoking too much pot. Plain and simple.

    1. Pineapple Express A stoner comedy action movie. Just make sure not to tweek out.

    What will you be watching in honor of the Holiday? Share the info with your fellow comrades in our comments section