NJ Transit: Going Your Way...Whether He Likes It Or Not

by SAPPY WANDERER · May 15, 2008

    HancockAfter several months of holding this secret in, I have to finally let it out, let it out before it becomes a fade out of the annals of history.

    I saw Hancock the superhero on NJ Transit.

    You see, it was originally something I thought almost nothing of. I was merely on my way home with a bag of groceries, when I suddenly noticed the snow cap, shades, and the get up. This was no mere Will Smith impersonator, this was the superhero Hancock in flesh and blood!

    I scrambled for a camera and then stopped: were the rumors true? Could he really throw me into the air and leave me screaming like a toddler in the vacuum of space with a mere toss? My camera hand slipped and, for fear of looking like someone who was intentionally taking photos of this temperamental hero, I punched a few shots out of my camera.

    That was when Hancock noticed me, shook the train up in revenge, and blurred my photos to the point where he resembles Bigfoot. The jerk would have done worse if I tried to take another shot, so I stopped there and was only able to give you this, which I would have given to HancockWasHere.com otherwise.

    Okay, so maybe not all of it is true… Maybe a bit of it was adulterated because, well… Hancock may used heat vision on my camera too and threatened to kill me if I tell PLEASE DON’T HURT ME HANCOCK I WILL STILL WATCH YOUR MOVIE!