Nobody Loves Redbelt

by SAPPY WANDERER · May 9, 2008

     RedbeltI took this photo  at the risk of being taken out of the theater for being a potential pirate (as if the peg leg wasn’t a dead giveaway) so that I could emphasize exactly what I saw in the theater: almost nothing. Granted, I was treated to a few other prospective viewers out there, but there was a total of a dozen people there to see it at the most. And you know what? Redbelt was actually so different from the genres martial arts movies embrace that it was good because of it.

    Compare this to the fact that I also had to drudge through “Never Back Down” in a Jersey theater and saw it a week after opening to a decently packed theater shows that there are people out there who should know better but don’t—including the moron writing this article. I will second The Hyphenate’s sentiment towards bad movies, but I will go a step further and state that people should start encouraging more types of cinema by actually WATCHING THEM. Give them a chance or else I’m going to go peg leg on all of ya and laugh, hobbling all the way.

    Fun fact: out of all the previews in the movie, there were only two that really stuck in my mind: one about the coming of age of a pre-teen of Arabic descent, and the other regarding the makers of a bad slasher film that really become the victims of a serial murderer. Towelhead and Baghead. I know the reasoning was because these are all indy films endorsed by Sony, but did they think people would not notice the silliness they inflict upon these movies by distributing the previews like this? Who was the genius behind this lineup?