Quentin Tarantino Can't Spell, Says Stripper

by BILLY GRAY · March 5, 2010

    The always topical dancers from Rick's Cabaret have their acrylic-nailed fingers on the pop culture pulse once again. And while there are plenty of guides to winning your Oscar pool out there, the Rick's girls, who freelance for Cahiers du Cinéma on the side, have produced the best one of all. 82 gyrators ("58 blondes, 21 brunettes and 3 redheads) from the midtown mammary mecca weighed in on the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Tiffany (34C-25-33) is bummed her man Brad Pitt didn't get a nod for Inglourious Basterds. "He's so hot," after all, but at least he "already has the best award of all--Angelina Jolie!" Tell that to Vanessa Paradis.

    But not everyone was feeling the love for the "Once upon a time in Nazi-occupied France" epic. Snipes Kelly (Pauline Kael's long-lost niece):

    “Can you believe Quentin Tarantino was nominated for Best Director? He doesn't even know how to spell!”

    Well, she's right!

    Other picks from the jiggly sages include Christopher Plummer for Best Supporting Actor (Ed. note--ignore that one), Mo'Nique for Supporting Actress, George Clooney for Actor and Meryl Streep for Actress. The gals think Best Picture will go to Avatar, whose Na'vi costumes have gone over just swell up on the Rick's stage.

    So take their advice and enjoy the show. Tiffany, Kelly and Alannah won't be watching, since they still haven't forgiven the Academy for snubbing Demi Moore's tour de force in Striptease.