Sex And The City: Gender Neutral Entertainment

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · May 30, 2008

    Sex and the CityWell today marks the official opening of SATC around the country and people are REALLY getting into it. Many are discussing the appeal the movie will have among the male demographic. While some think that most men don’t care enough about the show/characters/movie to purchase their $12 ticket, the men in my life make me think twice. These men are the Stanfords, Skippers, and Mr. Bigs of this world, who relate to the male characters, those characters’ experiences with our favorite females, and the urban environs they all enjoy. There are also men, like some fathers we know, who are see the women in their lives in the SATCfemales – and secretly enjoy a cosmo at home every now and then.

    So, contrary to popular belief, this writer is willing to wager that the full feature SATC will enjoy a manly box office presence known by few other “chick flicks” of our time. The difference between SATC and Sleepless in Seattle? Broader appeal, for men and women. Not only are there many different characters to relate to, but even if not the focus of the show, each is more relatable than those of chick flicks past – if for no other reason than mere function of a drawn-out and ubiquitous TV series. And if they’re not entirely relatable, they are entirely glamorous (well, for the most part. Sorry, Skipper), which makes them fun for all to watch.

    For all of these reasons, SATC will draw men to the box office over the course of the run – but what about the premiere?

    In the words of my favorite male, SATC votary, “There’s no way I’m going with a bunch of girls to sit in a theater full of women watching SATC.” There you have it: the premiere has been feminized. While the show does draw a male fan base, it does not draw them too far out of their SATC-loving closets; which is exactly what it would take to get most men I know to jump on the cosmo- and magnolia cupcake-consuming bandwagon with 5-10 of their closest female companions.

    For the male SATC fans out there – don’t be ashamed. Make a day of it with Destination on Location’s SATC Men Premiere Tour. Trade in Jimmy Choo for Domenico Vacca and skip Magnolia for some world-class cigars. Whatever your fancy, don’t forget that SATC is for you, too! But please, for all of us –skip the Post-It notes.