The New, Celeb-Filled Documentary About The Carlyle

by Christie Grimm · April 5, 2018

    The Carlyle Hotel. Has there ever been a name that so drips of sophistication and style? The very image of 'urbane.' An Upper East Side mecca breeding celebrities on the hunt for privacy, luxury, and a place to let loose, The Carlyle has been the height of New York bouge since opening back in 1931. Think, a time tested, legacy version of today's Bowery Hotel (a downtown upscale hostel for famous youths).

    Whether you're popping in to watch Woody Allen's jazz group play their weekly set at Café Carlyle, sliding down to Bemelmans Bar to take in the iconic scenery, having a private rendezvous at the restaurant, or hanging up your coat and hitting the hay in what feels like your own pied-à-terre, the timeless magic of it all is perpetually obvious.

    From the filmmaker behind Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's comes Always at the Carlyle, a behind the scenes look at every nook and cranny of how the hotel functions, featuring a Christmas list of completely charming celebrity interviews offering up their love of the classy mise-en-scene amongst a slew of cheeky anecdotes.

    When a movie poster bears the names George Clooney, Sofia Coppola, Tommy Lee Jones, Jeff Goldblum, Angelica Huston, Wes Anderson, Lenny Kravitz, Naomi Campbell, Jon Hamm and Anthony Bourdain - shit's going to be worth watching.

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