The Most Dangerous Film Festival In America Hits Town Tonight

by BILLY GRAY · April 16, 2010

    The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off next week (more on that to come), but more adventurous moviegoers and flat out dissidents will be more interested in tonight's Anarchist Film Festival, which is attracting more attention than its glitzier sibling in certain quarters. Namely, the NYPD.

    The cops are less interested in documentaries about environmental justice in Nigeria and Berkeley sit-ins than incendiary fliers promoting the festival. (What kind of promotion did you expect for an anarchist movie marathon, a Betty White commercial?) After seeing advertisements that skewered the Pope, showed a riot cop in a ball of flames and noted the formula '"energy x mass + love =" beside a mushroom cloud, officers raidedthe anarchist collective's headquarters at the 13 Thames Art Space in Bushwick. Two people were arrested.

    But the show must go on (even if it is slightly curtailed), and the incident has provided the festival with an unfortunately appropriate backdrop of discontent and suspicion from the man, who will no doubt keep a watchful eye on the proceedings. But don't let that deter you from keeping your own eyes on the screen.

    The NYC Anarchist Film Festival will take place at Judson Church (55 Washington Square South, Manhattan), from 5pm-midnight today.