Williamsburg Finally Gets A Movie Theater

by BILLY GRAY · June 1, 2010

    A dozen years after it became the most self-consciously indie district in New York (and four or five years after it was all but entirely gentrified), Williamsburg is getting a very indie movie theater.

    The absence of an art house in Williamsburg surely rankled some of the neighborhood's artsier residents. They'd obviously curse a multiplex complete with an Imax but, sheesh, how could they be expected to trek to Ft. Greene or, shudder, Manhattan to get their black & white and/or subtitle on?

    That was the deal though, as an area presumably home to many of the city's aspiring directors lacked a single proper cinema. (The projections at Monkey Town didn't count.) But no longer, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

    Locals can get a preview of the venue, indieScreen, when it shows entries in the Brooklyn International Film Festival later this week. indieScreen is owned by Marco Ursino, who also organizes the festival.

    The 12-row, 93-seat theater is near the Domino Sugar Factor, on Kent Avenue near South 2nd Street. The space also includes a 96-seat restaurant and a full bar, granting it immediate bragging rights over the Angelika, Film Forum, Landmark Sunshine, IFC Center, Anthology Film Archives and wherever else Williamsburg cineastes were once forced to flock.

    Photos via Stefano Giovannini/Brooklyn Paper