Can Park Slope Bring A New Hotel Le Bleu To Brooklyn?

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 11, 2011

    The Prospect Avenue banquet hall is planning a 150-room, 11-story hotel called the Hotel Grand Prospect. So how fast can you wheel your tandem stroller there to check in?

    Don't get the wrong idea, folks: this is not your Brooklyn vintage of Chateau Marmont. One obstacle in the way of realizing the project remains zoning approval; the site allows a 6-story structure, so advocates will argue their case this Thursday at the Community Board 7 Land Use Committee.

    Of course, Brooklyn is not a typical habitat for luxury hotel's. People got all excited when Hotel Le Bleu opened and provided what may be the only rooftop bar in the nabe:

    [video via the Brooklyn Paper]

    As the Brooklyn Paper reports, Michael Halkias the owner has sought Brooklyn-based Doban Architecture to handle the redesign.

    The sustainability, of course, of attracting tourists or visiting family members to hit the hay in Brooklyn is dubious; the borough provides a great lifestyle for many New Yorkers and the proximity to Prospect Park and the comforts of Brooklyn can only maintain a week draw compared to the allure of Manhattan.

    How the hotel will market itself will need to rely on particularly crafty tactics and perks to convince potential guests to stick to the Q train.

    The potential of a trumpeted welcome is enough for Fucked In Park Slope to approve the project:

    "Sidenote: I mostly don't give a rat's ass if this hotel is built or not, but if it IS and they have those dudes dressed in purple tights at the entrance to greet you, then I'm in full support of this project."

    We tend to agree.

    [Image via Fucked in Park Slope]