Conor Kennedy Arrested In Aspen Bar Fight!

by Christie Grimm · December 30, 2016

    We all blow off steam / lose it every once in a while. But when your last name is Kennedy, your youthfully offhand indiscretions unfortunately make for bigger news.

    You may remember that mushy pile of hair from all those Rhode Island and Hyannis Port snaps of he and Taylor Swift cuddling up like two preps in a Vineyard Vines pear tree.

    It seems the grandson of Bobby Kennedy found himself in quite the situation, with Town & Country reporting that police found him "rolling around on the ground," punching another man repeatedly. 

    Accordingly to his father Robert Kennedy Jr.'s side of the story as told to the Aspen Times, the skirmish was in reaction to a homophobic slur directed maliciously at one of his son's friends. 

    Apologizing to police officers coming upon the scene, Conor did in fact allegedly confirm that the man in question "called [his] friend the f-word."

    With a court date set for the 22nd of February, we're sure Conor will be laying low for the next few months. In any case, he doesn't look so bad in his mugshot.

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