East Village: The Most Tritely Paranoid Neighborhood In New York

by BILLY GRAY · January 28, 2010

    East Villagers bombarded neighborhood blogs (and Twitter!) with news of a low-flying helicopter shining lights into their apartments last night. First a heroin overdose at Veselka, and now a collective bong hit at 4am?

    From EVGrieve:

    "The helicopter was back last night (1/27/10). Woke me up at 4am, flying very low, was very loud. I'm at 12th and 1st in the EV. Really weird, I can't seem to find any answers."


    "I've just been listening to a helicopter circle round and round the EV for about an hour...it seems to have stopped now. It was distinctly creepy..."


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    You know what they say. Just because you're paranoid...