Found In The Mags And Rags This Week

by Ross Kenneth Urken · December 20, 2010

    From biohackers to Lady Gaga wax statues, these are the articles you should have read this weekend in the papers and magazines.

    1) "Garage biologists," so-called "biohackers," are cloning E. coli and the like in Brooklyn and beyond: NYTimes

    2) Diane Von Furstenberg takes on China's fashion world: NYTimes

    3)Madame Tussauds unveiled eight different Lady Gaga Wax statues around the world this week: WSJ

    4) The L.A. MOCA  Director Jeffrey Deitch deemed a mural by Italian street-artist  Blu inappropriate and had it painted over: L.A. Times

    5) The Society of Professional Investigators (SPI) holds  meeting in downtown Manhattan: The New Yorker

    [Image via NYTimes]