Is The New Popemobile A Lamborghini?

by Stephanie Maida · November 15, 2017

    Even if religion's not your thing, there's no denying that Pope Francis is the coolest holy dude ever. We mean, not only did he react to meeting Donald Trump the way all of us would, he also confirmed that all dogs do indeed go to heaven. What a guy.

    Today, as if he could get even more in touch with the young, hip crowd, the pope also proved that his taste in cars is on par with that of rappers and rich kids of Instagram. He was presented with a papal AF Lamborghini, worth over $200,000, which he blessed and signed, as one does.

    So will he be riding around the Vatican in his new whip?

    Not quite. We mean, for God's sake, he's the pope. It'll be auctioned off and proceeds will benefit various causes around the world, including helping to rebuild areas in war-torn Iraq.