Jaguar Prepares Brooklyn Launch: The Future Of Nightlife In The Boroughs

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 18, 2011

    Overcrowding and curfew laws that have stymied Manhattan's nightlife in its most popular districts may have galvanized an outer borough revolution in nightlife. Jaguar, the next great hope for Brooklyn, is set to open in February.

    As we noted, Jaguar--once thought to be called Panther--has the interesting predicament of a Sunset Park location in Brooklyn with proximity to the Varazano-Narrows Bridge. But this Bumblefuck nabe, as far as nightlife is concerned, may be a bellwether for things to come.

    In his Good Night Mr. Lewis Column at BlackBook, Steve Lewis takes a historical gaze as the areas of clustered nightlife hotspots and the origins of unappealing regions like the Meatpacking District.

    "A few areas, seemingly uninhabitable by the swells who ran things, were carved out. Licensing was issued fairly easily to those brave souls who would try to create a couple of new club districts. The most notable were the West Chelsea warehouse/manufacturing area and the Meatpacking District."

    As he smartly points out, these districts were infested with tranny hookers and the like and thus unappealing residential districts. That was the case, of course, until these hoods got scrubbed clean of their grit; the gentrification then put clubs like Pacha and Cielo at odds with cranky neighbors upset by noise and drunken revelry. Licenses that cap madrugada partying at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. have night owls itching for some true late night fun.

    As such, the next frontier, borough-ists be damned, seems to the warehouse space in Brooklyn and Queens. Rents are cheap, and the remoteness from residential areas allows club proprietors to secure a late night schedule uninhibited by Grandma Gums who puts in her dentures to file a noise complaint.

    Vincent Faraci's Jaguar is the newest player of this outer borough trend, and the 20,000-square-foot venue will play host to top DJs from Las Vegas and the city.

    Faraci told Lewis the joint will be a jungle theme and will, in the school of Lavo, serve as an Italian restaurant-cum-boite with a bikini bar.

    [New Club Opening In Sunset Park: Meatpacking District Be Damned]

    [Image via Observer]