Rebel Rebel Records Is Closing Up Shop

by Maddie Shepherd · June 9, 2016

    Because apparently we just can't have nice things, news just broke that yet another West Village vestige - Rebel Rebel Records - will close down in the face of rising rent prices to make way for another high-end clothing store. Um, at least it's not a condo?

    For 28 years, this record store occupied its Bleecker Street home, peddled endless amounts of records in tippy stacks, and didn't change much along the way.

    As the Bowie song that lent the store its name stated, "You tore your dress; your face is a mess." Indeed, this untidy treasure trove kinda looked like a charming time-bomb went off in it. Pour one out for this mosh-pit of a store; after a tenacious 28 years, its absence will leave the NYC music scene forever a little less tangible. 

    [Photo via @allisonkoller]